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New Patient Reviews

So Kind and Very Knowledgeable

I was so impressed with my first visit to see Dr. Williams!! He is so kind and very knowledgeable. He did an excellent job of understanding my chiropractic needs, and making a personal plan for me. I feel confident he will be successful at helping me meet my goals. I look forward to my next visit with Dr. Williams!!

~Pam F.

He Truly Cares

This was my first experience with a Chiropractor. I thought pain was just a normal part of life. Dr. Williams has helped me so much in just a short time. He takes the time to answer all my questions and explains everything. It’s obvious he truly cares about his patients. Highly recommend!

~Kim T.

Loved My Experience

I absolutely loved my experience. I’m so grateful to have my life back. I thank God for you and pray that you will continue to be blessed as you continue to be a blessing to others.

~Chloe D.

Experiencing Relief

I have been frustrated in my search for good chiropractic care since relocating to eastern NC. I finally received a recommendation from a massage therapist I trust. I had been experiencing severe lower back pain in to my leg for almost a month. I value that Dr. Williams starts with an X-Ray. He is professional, thorough and listens. Although I am in the middle of treatment, I am experiencing some relief which is so encouraging. I would recommend Dr. Williams without reservation.

~Phyllis H.

He Genuinely Cares

I love that he is more than willing to take the time to explain things to you so that you fully understand what will be happening to you. And every time you come for a follow up he asks how the areas acted, was there any pain, was it manageable, has it moved? He shows that he genuinely cares and that is a rare quality to find in anyone these days.

~Nicole I.

Very Thorough

Dr. Williams is very thorough in the first couple of visits to isolate issues. Adjustments are quick and effective. Great place to straighten some things out.

~Jacob R.

Informative and Very Optimistic

Dr. Williams was so informative and very optimistic regarding my sciatica. It has made me believe that I can be pain free one day soon! So glad I have started treatment here!!!

~Elaine F.

I Felt Very Comfortable

I felt very comfortable and appreciated the detail that Dr. Williams explained everything to me. I felt like he really listened to me as I explained the problems I was having. He then explained why I was experiencing these issues and how chiropractic services would be able to help. He used models of the spine to make sure I had a clear idea of what was happening.

~Stephanie C.

Improvement in Flexibility and Comfort

This was my first experience with Chiropractic care. The improvement in flexibility and comfort for my spine and hips were significant. Dr. Williams was generous with his time and wanted to make sure I completely understood everything he was doing and why. He earned my respect and confidence, and I will certainly return if I encounter pain or stiffness in my spine again.

~James L.

Initial Assessment Was Right On

I sincerely appreciate the way Dr. Williams listened to what I wanted out of my first and future visits. The initial assessment was right on with what I have been told in the past, and the treatment was perfect to put me back in shape again. I definitely am planning on at least a monthly visit to keep my body in alignment and ultimately a healthier me.

~John B.

Extremely Comfortable

Love your office! One of the friendliest medical offices I have ever been in. My 8 year old daughter was also extremely comfortable. It was like we had been coming all of her life.

~Lisa M.

Warm and Welcome

I have already recommended Williams Family Chiropractic to several friends. I am so relieved to have established care at this facility. I have only had two visits thus far and I am already seeing improvements. The environment is warm and welcome as well as professional.

~Andrea F.

A Ray of Sunshine

Dr. Williams is very knowledgeable about all my health issues & is helping me to understand what is the root cause & how I can help determine my health….whether good or bad. We do have a choice about some things. His positive attitude is definitely something I am striving for & when I get my health back I am determined to get my life back! Thanks Dr Williams! Thank you also Sara for always being such a ray of sunshine when people are hurting! Your smile does make a difference!

~Debbie B.